Wish List

This Wish List is a place where we have shared some of the most needed items for our students and teachers at the Inn in Guatemala. From new paint on a wall, to chalk for the teachers, big and small we listed them all! If you would like to help our teachers, staff and students with one or more of the items, click on one of the photos below and add the item to your cart! Thank you! We love you!

Balls for Recess


The students love their active time at recess! One of the best ways to get everyone playing together is through sports. Our students love to play basketball, soccer, and volleyball. You can help make sure they have the bal...

Board Games


You will be purchasing board games in English and in Spanish for our 1st, 5th and 6th grade classrooms. Whether it's teaching language or practicing their math skills, board games are an interactive way for students to lea...



We have hard floors in most of our classrooms so sweeping regularly is a fact of life with all the students coming in and out. New brooms are always needed!



Blackboards need chalk, and teachers need blackboards! So we are asking for your help to make sure our teachers have chalk.

Chalkboard Compass


Geometry is a huge part of 5th grade math! So from circles to angles this compass allows the teacher to draw and explain these concepts to the students with ease.

Classroom Curtains


On bright days the sun can be brutal in our First and Prepatory Grade classrooms and in our library. Our teachers are hoping to get some new curtains for their classrooms. First Grade needs 8 new curtains, Prepatory needs ...

Classroom Garbage Can


Our 6th grade classroom is in need of a new classroom garbage can.

Classroom Table & Chairs


The 4th grade classroom and our library need a new table and chairs for learning and reading centers.

Classroom Wall Paint


The Prepatory classroom needs to be repainted. We have been working hard at refreshing the walls in each of the classrooms to make them come alive and feel brand new again. This classroom is one that definitely need to be ...

Computer Mouse


The computer lab is short a mouse or 3 for the computers. Such a simple little gadget that makes running a computer so much easier!

Drawing chalk


Why draw in just white chalk when there are so many colors out there?!? Colorful chalk helps bring focus and emphasis to important items that the teachers want the students to see.

Drop Ceiling - 3rd Grade Classroom


We have been diligently working to put in drop ceilings in all of our classrooms. We have 2 classrooms that we are really working to get done as soon as possible. The 3rd grade classroom is the larger of the two rooms. Wha...