Wish List

This Wish List is a place where we have shared some of the most needed items for our students and teachers at the Inn in Guatemala. From new paint on a wall, to chalk for the teachers, big and small we listed them all! If you would like to help our teachers, staff and students with one or more of the items, click on one of the photos below and add the item to your cart! Thank you! We love you!

Drop Ceiling - Pre-Kinder & Kinder Classroom


We have been diligently working to put in drop ceilings in all of our classrooms. We have 2 classrooms that we are really working to get done as soon as possible. The Pre-Kinder & Kinder classroom is the smaller of the...

Dry Erase Markers


Teachers always need dry erase markers! From writing Buenos Dias (Good morning) to the lesson of the day, these markers are used every single day at the school. Help two of our teachers get new markers to use in their clas...



With all the dust being swept up each day by our teachers, they need a dustpan to pick it up and get it off their classroom floor!

English and Spanish Storybooks


We would like to see English and Spanish books in our library. We want each of our students to know as much English as we can possibly teach them. One of the things that helps them to enjoy learning in any language is book...



On sunny days, our classrooms need fans to keep our students cool! The weather is usually temperate, but the sun is hot hot hot!

Foam Carpet Squares


In our Pre-Kinder and Kinder classroom, the little ones are often on the floor for games, reading time, and other activities. The concrete flooring is not ideal for these activities so we are looking to put down carpet squ...

Geometry Set


This geometry set is designed with a teacher in mind! It's large and magnetic just perfect for learning how to measure angles and distance.



The world isn't flat so our maps can't just be flat either! Two of the classrooms need globes so the students can learn all about the shape and form of our world.



What better way to see the miracle of God's creation than to look at the details through a microscope. Microscope for our fifth grade classroom with allow them to see the world with new eyes.

Office Chair


Our library and technical director's office are both in need of new office chairs. Our staff is important to us, and we want to make sure they have an office chair to use at their desks.



The 2nd grade and Prepatory classes need paint to refresh some of the furniture and other items in the classroom. You can help these teachers buy the paint supplies they need to make the items in their classrooms look like...

Sidewalk Chalk


One of the best parts of recess is getting to draw amazing art on the concrete with sidewalk chalk! Our teams bring plenty for the summer, but we need more to get us through the rest of the year! What drawings will you get...