High School 2020

RAISED: $20,575.00

GOAL: $29,000.00

It has been an amazing year at the Inn! Lives have transformed and the people of God are rising up to be a strong influence for change in their communities in Guatemala. You have made this possible!

As a young man first arriving on the mission field in 1983, I was overwhelmed by the sheer social and spiritual needs that surrounded me, almost to the point of quitting. Over the course of almost four decades God has shaped and honed the Vision and Mission of Inn Ministries.

For a number of years the focus was strictly to meet the spiritual needs of our community, but as time went on we realized that while Christ is the answer for the eternal soul, discipleship entails much more than preaching salvation. What truly makes a human being fruitful is training. Basically, True Discipleship cannot be accomplished without Training. You help make sure that training can happen. One of the best ways we are able to do this training is through the school at the Inn, which you help fund and support. On any given day, there are 250+ students, parents and faculty that come through the gates of the Inn. These individuals and their families are nurtured and trained in the Word of God and cared for with the love that Christ shows us.

For the last several years, our school has ended with a graduation of our students in the Ninth grade. The high school has been closed for several years. And we, alongside many of you, have dreamed of reopening the high school at the Inn. But God had not released the vision. Several of you have even been ready to step up and cover the expenses to help make it happen, but we understand that everything must happen in God’s perfect timing. With great joy and excitement we are announcing the reopening of the high school portion of Colegio Meson (the Inn School) in 2020! We are overjoyed with God releasing this vision to become a reality! We hope you are rejoicing along with us!!

 We are going out on faith that God will bring in the funds needed to open the school as scheduled. We need a total of $29,000 in funds by the beginning of 2020 to help make the high school successful for this upcoming year. If you feel God is leading you to help in any way, please give today!


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